How to get more conversions for your Ecommerce website?

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Written by Shahbaaz Khan

Shahbaaz Khan is an SEO executive and business manager for Webrex SEO, An Ecommerce SEO agency focus on helping Ecommerce stores gain more traffic and sales by Buyer intent SEO strategy. His passion for helping Ecommerce Store owners grow more and get more conversions.

August 23, 2021

Getting leads on your website is a good thing but getting those leads to take action and buy your product is supreme in Ecommerce, but how to drive Ecommerce sales to your store?

Did you know that more than 60% of online customers just leave an ECommerce website within the first 5 seconds? 

That is why it is really important to have a good conversion strategy for your Ecommerce store.

Girl finding how to get more conversions for her Ecommerce store

So let’s start on how to increase Ecommerce sales for your store and increase your conversion rate.

What is a good conversion rate for an Ecommerce website?

An Ecommerce conversion is a site visitor turned into a customer. Your business can define conversion actions in numerous ways, including clicking a link on your site, reaching through your website contact form, adding your products/items to the cart, signing up for the email newsletter, subscribing to a service, etc.

Dividing your total number of conversions by your total number of website visitors, then multiplying that figure by 100, will determine the conversion rate percentage for your ecommerce business. 

Then what is a good Ecommerce conversion rate?

It totally depends on the industry your Ecommerce store is in. There is no way to decide on good conversion optimization. Average ecommerce conversion rate benchmarks depend upon your industry and are always changing over time. The latest survey and studies in 2020 show that the average conversion rate of Ecommerce websites is 2.86%. The average ECommerce website conversion rate in the US stands at 2.63% as compared to the global website conversion rate of 4.31%

The most effective tactic for improving conversions is to research and learn as much as possible about your target customers and current site visitors. You must be thinking, What is the average ecommerce conversion rate for my industry? 

As an Ecommerce store owner you have to collect customer data, customer feedback, what acquisition channels are working for your site and homepage, what devices your target customers are using, etc. Conducting A/B testing is one of the most powerful ways to analyze your customer’s behavior and from that, you can create a killer strategy to increase the conversions for your Ecommerce store 

Creating an effective strategy for conversion rate to gain more sales is a daunting task. There is no right or wrong answer as to which conversion rate strategy is best Hence it is important to test different approaches to know what works best for your Ecommerce business. 

Let’s move through key elements on how to increase conversion rate in ecommerce websites and how to boost your ecommerce sales.


Skipping the add to cart button can be a game-changer for your Ecommerce store and that is why increasing the conversion rate of your Ecommerce store one-click checkout process is most useful.

Your customers can simply skip the add to cart step and directly checkout very smoothly and easily while still remaining on the product page. Now by removing the extra time-consuming steps to buy your product customers will buy your product without wasting their time and that also eliminates the cart abandonment process.

One click checkout button for Ecommerce store

The point of this one-click checkout is simply to make the customer process efficient and short which means the customer has to do minimum things to buy your product and it will automatically help improve your conversion rate for your Ecommerce store.


“Ecommerce site has to be mobile friendly”

In 2014, Mobile traffic overtake traffic from desktops. In 2015, Google officially declared that mobile searches triumphed desktop. So now in 2021 mobile devices are more important than ever if you want to improve your conversion rate.

Lowering your site load time is one of the most important factors of mobile optimization, you have to optimize your Ecommerce site for mobile so it can run faster. 

Let’s imagine that your Ecommerce site load time is 15 seconds, do you think that in this fast-paced world your customer will wait that long? 

Absolutely not

Making your Ecommerce site lighter and faster for mobile is one of the things which also helps you in Ecommerce SEO. You should implement a lighter site if you want to check how to increase Ecommerce sales for your site.


Fearing of missing out (FOMO) is one of the best ways to generate sales for your store. If your customers know that there is no rush to buy your product the higher chances that they will not take any action to buy your product.

As per the CXL study, they found that, by creating a sense of urgency on an ecommerce site, conversation rates were increased by over 330%. There are many ways to create urgency in your customer’s mind. You can basically change the word “Shop here” to “Shop now”. Below is you can see one of the samples of an Ecommerce store where they have provided warnings of Low stock.

Low stock warning in Ecommerce website.

For ecommerce businesses, One of the most used ways is to tell your customers that you are running out of stock or you have only a handful of items in your stock. Below is the image you can check how the biggest Ecommerce giant is using the same strategy for their customers.

Creating urgency will surely convert your leads into customers.


There are lots of different payment methods in this world that do not depend on a card including direct debit, bank transfers, digital wallets, e-invoices, digital currencies, etc

Girl doing payment for her online purchase

Yes, it is not realistic to offer lots of payment methods on your ecommerce site but it is very important to know your customers, basically your industry market so you are able to offer payment methods that are best suited for your customers.

For example, your Ecommerce store average product value is $50 then credit, debit card payments are favorable for your store but if your Ecommerce store has a higher average product value then you have to offer different payment methods and in doing that you will increase the chances of getting good conversion rates for your Ecommerce store.


CTA means Call to action, The button which will tell your site visitors what will be the next step. Having a perfect call to action button is very necessary to convert your leads into paying customers.

In this digital age, the CTA button is not just a simple button, It has become one of the most effective ways to catch your visitor’s attention. There is no blueprint on crafting a better CTA for your Ecommerce website but it is important that you as an Ecommerce store owner try colors, design, placement, etc for your CTA.

According to one of the Ecommerce store founders, One of the biggest changes they made was to the ‘Add To Basket’ button. Simply changing it from black to a blue color has reduced abandoned carts by up to 50%. To improve your CTA you should try to A/B test every single CTA you have again and again.

Small changes in your CTA will drastically skyrocket your conversion rate.


People trust companies who have a long line of reviews and that is why it is most important to put your product reviews on your Ecommerce website. 

Let’s assume that you are trying to buy a product online with only 0 reviews, there are very lesser chances that you will buy the product. On the other website, you have seen the same product with 5000+ reviews then there will be more chances that you will buy the product.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes then you will understand how to get more conversions for your Ecommerce store and reviews are very important to get your customers to trust you.

Again an example of Amazon you can check is that they show reviews of every product.

Amazon Laptop product reviews for increasing more conversions for the website.


As an Ecommerce store owner, you have to understand the advantages of user experience for your website as it is the most underrated term in the Ecommerce market.

User experience can make or break a sale, Make sure that your Ecommerce site is fast, simple, and easy to use. According to one of the best digital marketing experts Shane baker “The key to success for ECommerce retailers is to provide an exceptional user experience (UX) and customer service. You need to put your customers first and ensure that they don’t go through any trouble while trying to buy from you.”



Product descriptions: how can we forget this right? One of the easiest ways to convert your visitors to customers is by your writing. Show visitors your seriousness and passion in writing your product descriptions.

If you don’t focus on your product description chances are that nothing will work out for your store because product descriptions can be your sales tool if you put in the work. Your proper focus on writing product descriptions for your ideal buyer and grabbing them with the right words and phrases will make them more positive about buying your product. You can also use the keyword which your ideal customer searches for and you can also keep up your game with Ecommerce SEO.

Keep your product descriptions short and crisp because people in this digital age don’t read much as the attention span has been reduced. Yes, you can write long product descriptions but it is recommended that you hide behind a “see more” button, etc for the real readers.


“Every picture tells a story”

Today image is more important than text in the online world.

High quality product images are a must for your Ecommerce site and it is an image that will tell a story to your customers. As an Ecommerce store owner it is important that you have high quality photos which will cover every possible angle and every related detail to your product.

Women's puff sleve clothing image on Amazon to increase the sales of the Ecommerce website

Let’s say you wanna buy one product and notice a low quality blurry image without zoom function and no angles, would you buy the product? I am sure your answer is No. Your image can make a significant amount of impact on your customer’s mind if you get your image right.


From Movie trailers to television commercials and now to personalized video messages, Videos are the ways to get more customer engagement and sales and the same applies to your Ecommerce business. Product videos can really make a difference in your conversion rate.

Videos tell stories, videos drive the imaginations of your customers, they will feel the product as if they are touching it. Product videos will help you to get the trust of your website visitors. 

You can quickly make product videos nowadays as there is a lot of software out there online.  


Live chat saves time for you and for your customers. Time is money in this digital world and customers want their company to respect their time so offering live chat support is one of the most simple and effective ways to help your customers.

Customers don’t have to write emails or call you. People prefer messages in this covid times and your Ecommerce store should have the capability to do that. Good live chat software will provide you a smooth experience for your customers. There are many good live chat software like Intercom, Crisp, Drift, etc that you can use for your Ecommerce store.

If you want your Customer support to be great, Include live chat in your Ecommerce store.


You have to keep all these points in mind if you are thinking about how to improve the conversion rate in Ecommerce store. Again put yourself in your customers shoes to know why they are not taking action to buy your product and how can you improve that?

By following these strategies there are more chances that you will be able to drive Ecommerce sales for your store. Reach to our Webrex SEO experts, We have our team of Shopify SEO experts, Woocommerce SEO experts, Joomla SEO experts, etc who will help you in improving the SEO for your Ecommerce store.