7 reasons why SEO is important for your Ecommerce store

Written by Shahbaaz Khan

Shahbaaz Khan is an SEO executive and business manager for Webrex SEO, An Ecommerce SEO agency focus on helping Ecommerce stores gain more traffic and sales by Buyer intent SEO strategy. His passion for helping Ecommerce Store owners grow more and get more conversions.

July 29, 2021

First, tell me is it important to do SEO for your Ecommerce store?

Absolutely not.

It is not important to do SEO for your Ecommerce store but it is now a necessity to do SEO for your Ecommerce store. In this covid times, your customers around the world are online.

Let me ask you a question before buying any product online, what do you do? You do research on google. Am I right or am I right? 

81% of shoppers research their products online before purchasing. They always see product details from different sites, read reviews, and compare prices before they make any decision. 41% of random major purchase shoppers say they are more open to making a large purchase than they were a year ago. Google is more important than ever and for Ecommerce it is a necessity because most of the Ecommerce SEO is slightly different from SEO for regular websites as Ecommerce site architecture is usually much more complex.

The fact is that Ecommerce SEO best practices are a whole new direction of how valuable the process is for an Ecommerce website. The importance of search engines in Ecommerce is one of the most underrated aspects of Ecommerce industry. Here’s the latest tweet of Neil Patel for Ecommerce SEO.

Neil patel predicting that consumers will spend $933 billo on Ecommerce in 2021

So here are the top 6 reasons why you should consider SEO for your Ecommerce store.

SEO for Ecommerce

So let’s dive in.

1.Save money by not only relying on ADS

Facebook Ads, Google ads, Twitter ads, Reddit ads, etc all are important for Ecommerce stores, But most of the store owners only rely on ads for their sales and conversions, when things don’t go their way in doing ads they close the store. As an Ecommerce store owner you should opt for different methods to get leads for your store and Ecommerce search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most efficient and effective methods to get leads on autopilot.

Store owners also hire an Ecommerce AD agency to perform better in ads and yes ads get leads but what if ads don’t work after a period of time, instead you should hire an Ecommerce SEO services agency or Ecommerce SEO expert to do SEO for your store. Of Course, SEO takes time but once you rank on the particular keywords then there is no looking back because SEO is not about finding customers it’s about creating customers.

what is the best for your Ecommerce store? SEO or ADS?

Both Ads and SEO can help enhance your overall visibility in search, but it is important to remember that trying to determine which is best for your Ecommerce store. A strong and lasting digital presence requires your Ecommerce store to consider using SEO which increases trust in the eyes of Google search engines which brings me to the 2nd point which is TRUST.


The main goal of SEO is to bring visitors and customers to your Ecommerce store but search engines want your Ecommerce store to be more credible. Search engines are looking for high authority websites that they can send their searchers to because they are also a website who wants to win their customers by showing best interest searches.

Importance of search engine in Ecommerce

What if an Ecommerce search engine shows you low authority sites and loses its users, that will never happen right? Your Ecommerce website is currently not ranking where you wanted it to be because you have not built enough trust to rank on the first page of Google.

If you really want to rank on the first page for your niche keywords you have to create a user-friendly Ecommerce website where your visitors will come and engage with your products. To gain trust from Google your store needs SEO. You have to make sure that your Ecommerce site is following the rules of SEO and build content around that your customers will prefer and that will be a search engine friendly ecommerce site.

3.Sales and Conversions

“No sales this month for your Ecommerce store”

“Only 1% conversion this month for your Ecommerce store”

I am sure these are the words you don’t want to hear as Ecommerce store owner.

You have set up everything for your Ecommerce store, from developing the website to fixing UI/UX to displaying the best products on your website. Maybe you are getting a bit of traffic also but no sales, why? Because you have not targeted qualified traffic for your store and for qualified traffic you need SEO. It is the thing that will make more sales and more conversions for your store on Autopilot because when you do SEO, Google will only bring qualified traffic to your Ecommerce store.

If you ignore SEO for your Ecommerce store, Surely you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Ecommerce store owners analyze Google analytics accounts more often and they will see where the bulk sales are coming from and there is no surprise that organic traffic is the first to get sales. Whenever the site is not visible on Google, your customers never know about your Ecommerce store which results in no traffic and sales. 

SEO for Ecommerce sites is one of the most amazing ways to generate sales and conversions for your Ecommerce store so you can also be happy like Denver.

Denver sleeping on money and laughing

4.Good SEO means better user experience 

Optimizing your site with better UI/UX will be really helpful in ranking on Google because when your site has good user experience users will find it really easy to engage with your website, which means there are more chances for getting conversions.

A strong user experience will drive conversions to your Ecommerce store. SEO helps understand customers and thus optimize your site’s usability and that automatically improves rankings for the store. Customers are on the hunt for something, they are searching because they want something which will fit their desire and whatever the site fills their desires will rank and that site will make money. 

Traffic signal of Ecommerce

Let’s say you have done an Ecommerce SEO audit for your Ecommerce store and you have found that your user experience is lacking because the visitors are not staying on the site for a long period of time and that is a big minus point for your Ecommerce site because these will increase the bounce rate of your site, Google will not rank sites who have a high bounce rate.

Google assumes your Ecommerce site isn’t relevant for that query or is otherwise unlikable for customers and that will hurt your rankings.

5.Long term investment

Campaign end = Sales end

Man in frustration for not getting Ecommerce sales

Whatever campaign you do to grow your Ecommerce store like Email marketing, Facebook ads, doing cold outreach, etc will not show results if you stopped working on your campaign but when you have your SEO setup for your Ecommerce store, your website value will always be there on Google without doing any extra efforts.

But SEO is not a one-time effort thing, It’s a never-ending cycle. Whatever efforts you do on improving SEO for your website you will surely get your fruits so that is why it is important to do SEO for your Ecommerce site because it is a long-term investment.

6.Targeting Longtail 

During the customer journey, Firstly customers start with simple generic search queries but as Google guides them they get more educated and excited about the solution. their search in google will be more detailed and specific and that’s the moment where Long-tail keywords come into the picture. Long-tail keywords will separate your Ecommerce stores from your competitors.

Long-tail keywords are nothing but a phrase of 3 to 5 words. In Ecommerce SEO, Targeting Long-tail keywords are one of the most game-changing moments in the SEO process. Do you know 70% of search queries are long-tail keywords?

These out of the box type phrases make up part of the long-tail keywords, which comprises queries that individually drive few searches but in the aggregate represent nearly 40 percent of the total. Long-tail keywords are more likely to convert at a higher rate than other keywords. Ecommerce sites are mostly organized to target the long-tail keywords because they’re built hierarchically on increasing levels of detail.

7.Brand Awareness

Ecommerce store owner on laptop optimising his brand game

Do your customers identify your Ecommerce store as a Brand or some average Ecommerce company selling its products?

A well planned and structured SEO campaign works wonders for your Ecommerce store brand awareness. If the branding aligns with SEO then your store traffic will increase drastically and you will get more sales and conversions for your Ecommerce store.

Let’s say you are scrolling Instagram and you have found that a Web show is airing and it’s trending in your country so you think let’s give it a shot and that is what we call Brand awareness. The same thing will be done by SEO which will boost your brand and increase the visibility of your Ecommerce store.


Creating a well-planned SEO strategy is one of the most daunting tasks but as an Ecommerce store owner, you can’t ignore that in today’s highly competitive online world. As an Ecommerce SEO consultant, I understand that there are different types of marketing strategies that go behind generating leads for your Ecommerce site but there is still no other marketing strategy like SEO that can stand out your Ecommerce site which will give you a proper boost in this ruthless online world.

If your Ecommerce store needs help getting customers on autopilot with SEO, Reach to our Webrex SEO experts, We are the best Ecommerce SEO agency that does everything from Shopify SEO, WooCommerce SEO, BigCommerce SEO, etc.

We will help you in assisting in developing an effective SEO campaign that will drive more traffic and sales for your Ecommerce store on a permanent basis.



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